Kouta Oyamada
Kouta Oyamada

Full Name:

Kouta Oyamada




Yokai/Kitsune (Former Human)




Chizuru, Nozomu


Being called "beast" , King of Eros or Great Erotic King.




Chizuru Minamoto (girlfriend), An Unnamed Grandfather, Unnamed Daughter (Manga Only)

Voiced By:

Mamiko Noto (Japanese) Mona Marshall (English)

Kouta Oyamada (小山田 耕太, Oyamada Kōta)


Kouta is the protagonist of the story. He moves from the country to the city in his first year of high school, and on his first day of school, he discovers that the second year girl Chizuru Minamoto is actually a kitsune. He used to live with his grandfather before moving. Kouta generally has a mild personality and is indecisive. When he was younger, he almost drowned in a river and now has a fear of swimming. At his school, everyone either calls him the "Great Erotic King" or a "beast" because of the disgraceful acts Chizuru commits with him in public.

Despite his reluctance to engage in the 'intimate' acts that Chizuru desires, Kouta's feelings for her are genuine. One demonstration of this is that they are able to fuse together into a powerful being, which can only occur between a human and a kitsune when they share a deep emotional link. In this form, Kouta tranforms into a black-furred five-tailed fox spirit.
It is revealed in the light novel and manga that due to his relationship he has with yokai's and his exposure to them, himself has turned into a yokai, specifically a Kitsune.


Kouta is a short-statured boy with brown hair and brown eyes


Very shy around Chizuru but is Also very kind,loyal,caring,sweet,and even adorable.and that's also a reason why Chizuru likes him


Kouta may have formerly lived with his family before his grandfather as he mentions in the first episode that his parents are deceased.

the whereabouts of the rest of his family are unknown as they do not appear in the anime series.


Kouta has the ability to fuse with Chizuru when kissed. And also to turn into a Kitsune.


  • To some of his classmates he is known as a "beast" , King of Eros or Great Erotic King.


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