Tamomo Human

Full Name

Tamamo Minamoto














Chizuru Minamoto, Tayura Minamoto

Voiced By:

Naomi Shindō (Japanese) Mari Devon (English)

Tamamo (玉藻) makes her first appearance in volume three of the novels. She is the manager of Tama no Yu (玉ノ湯?), a hot springs hotel deep in the snowy mountains, and Chizuru Minamoto's mother, though not related by blood. She is in fact revealed to be Tamamo-no-Mae, a powerful nine-tailed fox spirit. Occasionally, when business is slow, she manages a beachside restaurant named Tama no Ya. She gets along with Kouta, though does sometimes meddle in his relationship with Chizuru.

Overview of her blonde hairEdit

her blond her is sexy

Appearance of fansEdit

It seems as not much is know about Tanamo's appearance but she does seem to have a black yukata, big breast like her daughter, and hair tied at the back. Like her daughter, her hair turns from black to blonde, when she is in her kitsune form. She seems to be nine-tailed in kitsune form. She has bigger busts than her daughter.

Personality of her boobs Edit

she hates her daughter because of her taking kouta away from her

History with her husband making out with each other Edit

who is she married with???

Abilities in dreamsEdit

Able to make a drink that makes the closest person they see fall in love with them, The Nine Tail Brew.She is also shown to be able to form barriers with her power.

Gallery of sexy selfiesEdit

this her sexy form

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